Skies Educational established teaching, training and research institutes . The training and research institutes focus on applied research training to improve on trainees skills and professional competence. The teaching institute focuses on improving undergraduate students mastery of their basic and fundamental courses in higher institutions so that they can boost and/or improve their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) from 100 Level. The institutes are:

International Institute for Applied Research (IIAR): International Institute for Applied Research is an innovation of Skies Educational. The purpose of establishing IIAR is to create a platform for researchers to showcase their teaching experience and findings and; learners to  update their knowledge to advance applied research for the benefit of humanity.

International Institute for Undergraduate Studies (IIUS): International Institute for Undergraduate Studies is a global study-platform of Skies Educational. The aim of establishing the institute is to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and teaching by renowned lecturers. As a result, students in universities and other higher institutions  worldwide can benefit from their wealth of teaching experience.