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Applied Research Journal of Biotechnology

International and Multilingual Journal of Biotechnology


Aim and Vision

Aim: The Applied Research Journal of Biotechnology (ARJB) is a peer-reviewed journal, established with the aim of publishing and disseminating innovative and applied research works in Biotechnology, Bioresources and Biotechnics for the benefit of humanity and the society

Vission: ARJB shall be a world-class journal known for applied research knowledge hub in the fields relating to the Biotechnology. Consequently, ARJB provides a platform for collecting, organizing, retrieving and sharing knowledge with respect to Biotechnology.


Privacy Statement

The information such as names and emails supplied to this journal website will be used for the purpose of this journal and will not be made available to any other party

Open Access Policy

This journal supports open access. Consequently, published articles under open access are made available to all through the internet. Hence, articles published by this journal can be accessed by everyone

Creative Commons

All articles published are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


The author(s) of published article(s) are solely responsible for the contents of his/her/their article(s). The publication of an article(s) shall not by any means implies or reflects or constitute any representation by our editors/ our reviewers/ The Applied Research Journal of Biotechnology (ARJB) /International Institute for Applied Research/Skies Educational


The Applied Research Journal of Biotechnology (ARJB) is a peer-reviewed and international journal that provides information in the field of Biotechnology and modern Biotechnics including such areas as Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Applied Biochemistry, Industrial Microbiology, Molecular Diagnostics, Bioinformatics, Agricultural Biotechnology, Biotechnology Engineering, as well as economic, political, ethical and social issues relating to Biotechnology.

It aims to serve as a knowledge hub for research and information on Biotechnology and facilitate dissemination of information among academic researchers, industry executives and policymakers.