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Skies Educational

Instructions for Authors

Manuscript format:

Manuscripts submitted to this Journal must conform to the following requirements that will facilitate the review and preparation of the article for publication:

  • Title (State the author(s) and their affiliation after the title)
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Study Approach
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Acknowledgement (if any)
  • References.

Title: Title should be short and explanatory, describing the content of the paper.
Following the title, provide the names of the Author(s) and their respective affiliations

Abstract: Abstract should be between 100 and 200 words, briefly describing the background, aims, study approach, findings and conclusions. The abstract should be written using past tense.
Following the abstract, provide about 3-6 keywords, arranged alphabetically.

Introduction: Introduction should reflect the statement of the problem, relevant literature, proposed approach and specific aim or objective of the study.

Materials and Methods: Study Approach should be clear and complete, explaining all the procedures and methods, in a way that can be reproduced elsewhere. However, only new procedures should be detailed while previously published procedures can be cited and referenced
Tables and Figures in the Study Approach Section should be referenced if they are sourced from the literature

Results and Discussion: Results should be presented clearly. The findings should be presented using Tables, Figures, etc. Discussion should reflect the interpretation of the findings with respect to the study and past relevant studies.
Tables and Figures: Tables and figures should be self-explanatory and easy to comprehend. The same data should not be presented using table and graph. Tables should have simple headings.
Units of Measurement: Units of measurement should be presented using System International (SI) units

Conclusion (and Recommendation): Conclusion should reflect the importance of the work. Recommendation may be included, if necessary.

Acknowledgments (if necessary): Acknowledgement may be included, if necessary.

References: References should be listed together at the end of the paper in alphabetical order by author’s surname. The following reference format should be followed for Journals, books and Proceedings

Journal Sources:
Surname 1, Initials; Surname 2, Initials and Surname 3, Initials: Title, Journal Name, volume (number), pages, year.

Books Sources:
Surname 1, Initials and Surname 2, Initials: Title, Edition (if existent), Place of publication, Publisher, year.

Proceedings Paper Sources:
Surname 1, Initials; Surname 2, Initials and Surname 3, Initials: Paper title, Proceedings title, pages, year.

The paper or manuscript sample guide for preparing the manuscripts submitted to to this Journal is available below:

Download Manuscript Sample


Submission of a manuscript to Skies Educational Journals for publication implies that:
1. The manuscript submitted is the authors(s) own original work
2. The work presented has not been published before, except as parts of theses or published lectures
3. The work is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
4. The text, illustration and other contents of the manuscript do not infringe upon any existing copyright or other rights of anyone.

Access to Published Articles

For wide dissemination of information and research findings, each published article will be assigned a digital object identifier and deposited in online repositories for easy access by libraries and researchers worldwide. Authors will have free electronic access to the full text (in PDF) of the article. Authors can freely download the PDF file from which they can print unlimited copies of their articles.