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Skies Educational

Virtual Research Scholars

Become a Virtual Research Scholar

Become a Virtual Research Scholar at any of Skies Educational Institutes and / or Centres. Research Scholars from Universities, Research Institutes and Industries are invited to join Skies Educational team of Virtual Research Scholars

As a Virtual Research Scholar, your primary responsibilities are to conduct research and produce reports on your findings. You might be saddled with responsibilities within the scope of activities of Skies Educational Institutes and Centres, such as research and online teaching / workshops, seminars or conferences.

For instance, you might be asked to review market trends and process data to support strategies and action to be taken by a business or you might be part of a team assigned to study and proffer solutions to challenges facing an organization or a community or the society.

For more details, kindly visit Skies Educational Institutes and Centres or send a mail to [email protected]