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Biochar production and quality optimization using response surface methodology technique
March, 2022
Baqe Sharu Doti, Daudi Nyaanga, Samwel Nyakach, Jane Nyaanga and Oscar Ingasia
DOI   Article Number: se-j-arjee-2022.0401001


Impact of energy and economy in Nigeria
December, 2020 
Otitigbe F.E.
DOI    Article Number: se-j-arjee-2020.0303003
Co-digestion of Pretreated Chicken - Goat and Untreated Cow Manure at Different Substrate to Inoculums Ratios and Total Solids for Biogas Production
December, 2020 
Clinton Simiyu Waswa, Peter Aguko Kabok and Daudi M. Nyaanga
DOI    Article Number: se-j-arjee-2020.0303002
Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Determining Trends in Wind Energy Potential and Its Uses for Designing Development Strategies in Ghana
December, 2020 
Nurideen Abdulai, Leslie Mantei Donkor, Dennis Wiredu Asare
DOI    Article Number: se-j-arjee-2020.0303001
Draught Requirements of Tillage Tines in Clay Soil under Indoor Soil Bin Conditions
November, 2020 
Ajayi F. I, Yessoufou M. A. and Akinbayo T. E.
DOI    Article Number: se-j-arjee-2020.0302001

Assessment of Physico-chemical Properties and Water Quality of River Osse, Kogi State
April 2020
Olubanjo, O. O. and Adeleke, E. B.
Abstract        Full text (pdf)
DOI     Article Number: se-j-arjee-2020.0301002

Assessment of Spatial Variability of Physico-chemical Properties of Soil at Crop, Soil and Pest Management Research Farm, FUTA
April 2020
Olubanjo, O. O. and  Ayoola, S.O.
Abstract        Full text (pdf)
DOI     Article Number: se-j-arjee-2020.0301001
Urine Cytomorphological Changes Associated with Diabetes Millets Type II
April 2019
Naji Bakri Ibrahim, Hossam Alden SerElkhatiem, Emtithal Ibrahim Abdullah, ZiyadMudasir
Abstract        Full text (pdf) 
DOI    Article Number: se-j-arjee-2019.0201002
Climate Variation Assessment Based on Rainfall and Temperature in Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria
April 2019
Olubanjo, O. O
Abstract        Full text (pdf)
DOI    Article Number: se-j-arjee-2019.0201001

Assessment of Physico-Chemical and Bacteriological Quality of Drinking Water at the Source, Storage, Point-of-Use, Dry and Wet Season in Damot Sore Woreda, Southern Regional State, Ethiopia
December 2018
Meseret Bekele , Mihret Dananto, Demisachew Tadele
Abstract         Full text (pdf) 
DOI    Article Number:  se-j-arjee-2018.0101003

Growth and Yield Response of Cayenne Pepper Plant Grown in Different Substrates Culture of Drip Hydroponic Farming Method
December 2018
Olubanjo, O. O* and Alade, A.E
Abstract         Full text (pdf)
DOI    Article Number: se-j-arjee-2018.0101002

Performance Evaluation of Selected Surface Irrigation Schemes in Kachabira Woreda, SNNPRS, Ethiopia
December 2018
Muhammedziyad Geleto, Mihret Dananto, Demisachew Tadele
Abstract         Full text (pdf) 
DOI    Article Number:  se-j-arjee-2018.0101001