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Benefits to Authors

The following are the benefits to authors for publishing manuscripts:

  1. Indexing and Abstracting : Published journal manuscripts are indexed and abstracted in reputable and relevant indexing/abstracting databases such as CrossRef, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, WorldCat, ProQuest (USA), getCITED (USA) and so on. The list is being updated regularly to ensure wide dissemination of research findings.
  2. Multilingual Versions: The journal website is available in more than 10 most popular official languages of the world including English Language. This implies that your research findings can be disseminated throughout the entire word. Please, see the translation menus to the right side bar
  3. DOI: The Journal assigns Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to each published manuscript.
  4. Blind Peer-Reviewed Process: Blind peer review process is adopted by the journal to maintain the quality of published articles.
  5. Free Publication of High Quality Manuscripts: Publication fee is waived for authors of such scholarly manuscripts. The free publication is aimed at encouraging researchers and also, maintaining the standard of our journal
  6. Request for a Waiver: Authors from countries classified by the World Bank as low income or lower-middle income can apply for a waiver of publication charges.
  7. Announcement of Grants/Scholarships: Researchers can assess grants/scholarships for funding research from the journal publisher, Skies Educational. The grants/scholarships announcement is made available at this website for authors and readers benefit.
  8. Rapid Publication Process: The publication process takes less than a month
  9. Quick Response to Enquiries: Response to enquiries is within 24 hours.
  10. On-line and Print Version: Both on-line and print versions of journals are available. The print version of the journal (E-book) can be requested from the editor.
  11. Certificates: Soft and hard copies acceptance certificate is available to authors

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