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Skies Educational

Training, Teaching, Research and Publishing Platform for Everyone


Skies Educational shall be a world-class educational establishment engaged in demand driven training and applied research targeted towards outputs for improving the quality of life, for enhancing industrial processes and products and /or for solving socio-economic problems thereby providing sustenance and comfort to humanity and ensuring sustainable development globally.

To advance the frontiers of applied research through knowledge seeking and sharing approach to meet the needs of humanity, societies, industries and the world at large

Among others, the objectives for which the establishment is set up are:

  • To carry on the business of providing quality education through establishing institutions at all levels of education by bringing innovations to the educational system and ensuring that research activities that are demand and applied driven are encouraged
  • To undertake and carry out research and disseminate research findings through seminar, workshop, training, and electronic formats and other channels for the benefit of mankind and the society at large
  • To undertake the business of organizing scholarly seminars, workshops, training and conferences which shall aid in discussing research findings among professionals and disseminating such findings
  • To carry on the publication of peer-reviewed educational and scholarly journals through electronic channels, internet and print media