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Skies Educational is an academic hub, established to provide quality education. This is achieved through the establishment of publishing press, journals, institutions and centres at higher levels of education. The Skies Educational Publishing Press and Journals are established to disseminate research findings and information for the benefit of society while the Institutes and Centres are saddled with the responsibilities of bringing innovations to the educational system. The Institutes and Centres engage in quality training and research activities that are necessary for the benefit of humanity. Hence, research works and training that improve quality of life and enhance industrial processes and products are sought, implemented and shared at Skies Educational.

Consequently, quality training and research that impact the technological advancement of nations and the socio-economic well-being of mankind are sought and shared through our various institutes and centres. In addition to research and training, other key features of our activities are teaching,  organization of conferences/workshops and, journal and book publications

Institutions, associations and researchers are welcome to partner with us by reaching us through our contact form or by sending e-mails to [email protected]

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