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Skies Educational

Skies Educational Centres


Centres of excellence established by Skies Educational are:

Human Resources and Sectoral Development Centres

  • Centre for Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition
  • Centre for Business Strategies

Environmental Sustainability Centres

  • Centre for Sustainable Development
  • Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience
  • Centre for Environmental Biotechnology

Agricultural Technology, Farm Produce Storage and Processing Centres

  • Centre for Agricultural Technology
  • Centre for Agricultural Bio-resources
  • Centre for Crop Processing and Storage
  • Centre for Animal Husbandry and Meat Processing

ICT, Digital Marketing and GIS Centres

  • Centre for ICT and Computer Training
  • Centre for GIS and RS Applications
  • Centre for Digital Marketing and Advertising

Solar Energy and Water Services Centres

  • Centre for Renewable Energy Research and Applications
  • Centre for Hydrological and Hydraulic Engineering