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Awards or Grants available are Master’s Degree Completion Grants, Doctoral Degree Completion Grants, Community-Led Research Grants and Industry-Led Research Grants:

Master’s Degree Completion Grants

Master’s Degree Programme Completion Grant is available to Postgraduate Students studying Master’s Degree in various disciplines from higher institutions all over the world.  The aim of the grant is to encourage young academics in their research and accelerate the completion of their programmes in a record time.

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Doctoral (PhD) Degree Completion Grants

Doctoral (PhD) Programme Completion Grant is available to postgraduate students in various disciplines from various institutions in the world. The purpose of the grant is to aid the speedy completion of doctoral researches so that the findings can be readily available for consumption, through various dissemination channels

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Short Term, Community-Led Research Grants

Short Term, Community-Led Research Grant is awarded to encourage community-led collaborations between communities and researchers, such that the latter apply their research and knowledge for the betterment of the former and society at large

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Medium to Long Term, Industry Led Research Grants

Medium to Long Term, Industry-led Research Grant is put in place to foster industry-led collaborations between industry, researchers, and the community.

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